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Speaking her truth with wisdom, confidence and self assurance, guest, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Zinya Gray shares the road map to

(This program was previously recorded October 31, 2020.)  Brother, Elijah Devine put it down (Black Style) with Knowledge, Power and

County Commissioner, Daniel Grossberg in Louisville, Kentucky updates breaking news moving toward justice in the Brionna Taylor case that took

Tangela Hamilton is George Floyd’s cousin.  She talks about their family, the trial of Derek Chauvin and what she called,

A MUST HEAR: Queen Ann Sewell will save your life listening to this show if you are in an abusive

Brothers and Sisters don’t get left behind.  Get the 411 about bit coins and how people are making legal money

Tune into hear how the ‘why’ one woman committed to serving the homeless on each and every Saturday for months.

Tune in to hear the extraordinary story of a mother of autistic children, who turned her experiences into a business

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It was my humble honor to interview my decades-long friend and sister, former manager of my vocal career, educator of