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A MUST HEAR: Young Black men are high achievers, contributors to themselves, families, community and the world.  Back by popular

Tune in to hear the extraordinary story of a domestic violence survivor, turned advocate, motivational speaker and author. Danae McCain

Tune in to hear how one woman survived a troubled childhood. She then went on to sing internationally. Also developing

The Host Franklyn Malone Opens this series with a look at Education, the greatest weapon against failure. Mr Curtis Valentine is the

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This show was previously recorded on April 27, 2021. Tangela Hamilton is George Floyd’s cousin.  She talks about their family,

Anise Jenkins, Executive Director of Stand Up For Democracy: Free DC and Erin Jackson Hill from standupalaska.org are in the

 Solutions to  Black on Black crime and how it is mitigated by the community where it occurs using prevention, intervention,