Black History is 24/7 PERMANENTLY!

Happy Father’s Day to all men.  Brother, Minister, Dr. Frank Malone, founder of The 100 Fathers Inc is successfully training

A MUST HEAR! Leaders, Brother Tyrone, Dr. E. Faye Williams are pursuing full, complete and total freedom for Sister, Marilyn

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Brother Christ shares his life testimony about the “mean streets” and his unshakable believe and faith in God. He is

PT 2: A MUST HEAR!  Black people are the first people on this planet.  Know your history Black People and

A MUST HEAR! Brother, Dr. El Senengakulu Zulu, has paid a tremendous price for freedom, justice, equality and Black power

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This show was previously recorded on April 27, 2021. Tangela Hamilton is George Floyd’s cousin.  She talks about their family,

This show was previously recorded on July 19, 2019. It’s a honor to witness the success of men being better