Black History is 24/7 PERMANENTLY!

This show was previously recorded December 13, 2022.  Dr. Diane Kern updated after mid-term elections 2022 from their work with

This program was previously recorded November 25, 2022.  ‘The Black MEN Network’ CEO Willie P., Vice President Austin and Minister

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This program was recorded November 4, 2022.  Milton Bell 2nd is a leading expert in technology.  He travels around the

This program was recorded May 3, 2022. A rewarding enlightening program with Sister, Teresa Price, a Cultural Educator and Activist

This program was previously recorded April 23, 2023.  An All-In conversation with Frank Gillard, Lisa Hatton, Brother Tap and callers.

This show was previously recorded June 14, 2023.  Pastor Dugger’s message is one to hear.  She asks, how important is

Sister, Researcher, Scholar, Activist, Sabrina Johnson and Brother, Activist, weighed in their important, intelligent, perspectives about the subject.  An interesting

This show was previously recorded April 20, 2023. Rev. Joyce P. Brandon Dugger gave exceptional advice, guidance and Spirit filled

‘Voices For Change’ DC Civil Rights Organization is sponsoring a Night to Remember with a Pre-Gala Awards & Dinner Friday