Black History is 24/7 PERMANENTLY!

This show was previously recorded on September 13, 2022. Without a doubt, Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Activist and Freedom Fighter

What’s going on with, to, for about Black People.  National and local in the US.

This show was previously aired April 11, 2023. PJ’s Hair Salon in DC is raffling off a 2 Seated, Convertible,

Without leaving a stone unturned Guest, Brother Tap and Sister Lisa Hatton joined Radio Host, Brother Gabriel Hamilton and dropped

A MUST HEAR: This show was previously recorded November 18, 2017. The Honorable Shirley Chisholm was the first woman to

Patrice Dunn attempted suicide twice.  After searching and finding a therapist Ms. Dunn is now speaking out to anyone who

An All-In conversation with Frank Gillard, Lisa Hatton, Brother Tap and callers. Topics included Physical Cheating: Emotional Cheating: Cyber Cheating:

Rev. Joyce P. Brandon Dugger gave exceptional advice, guidance and Spirit filled information  of the benefits of quite time.

This program is dedicated to the memory of Ceph Christie–Gone and not ever forgotten!  DC is the place to be

Gabriel Hamilton, Erick Hilliard Valeri Parham and Toni Tyler shared their thoughts on Donald Trump’s unprecedented indictment, arrest and arraignment.