Black History is 24/7 PERMANENTLY!

This show was previously recorded on September 9, 2017. Dr. Justin Rice is a Computer Engineer who allows us to

Today’s guest, Alonzo Crawford is discussing the origins and multiple revivals of Black independent film.  They present the effect of

Sister Chystal Imamu from The New Black Panther Party, Nia 2X RADIO (The Voice of the People) and other activists

Sister, Tyreese Allister is a leader in the fight for children and families. She has answers for putting the guns

This show was previously recorded May 24, 2022.  Students Danny Queen and Sabrina Johnson from the Cress-Welsing’s Institute, founded by

This show was previously recorded March 25, 2020. Author, booker ml has given us a wake up call.  As we

This program was previously recorded November 2022. Gone but not ever forgotten! Marion S. Barry Jr. is DC’s ‘Mayor For

This show was previously recorded on December 28, 2017. Hear the exciting idea Nisa Muhammad has lead well over 10 years and counting. 

Without a doubt, Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Activist and Freedom Fighter from Brooklyn, New York Brother, Bob Law revealing when

Black History is 24/7-PERMANENTLY!!  Music itself began in the minds of the first human beings which is the original Black