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March 31st, 2009 by BOBU

Authored by The General of VLB PRODUCTIONS,   V. Nia  2X
The educational system of the US intentionally omitted the achievements, accomplishments and contributions from Black people. By doing so, a grave injustice and disservice was not only cast upon Black people, but Caucasians and other, non-blacks suffered from the lack of knowledge, as well.

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In a speech Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave he said, “Truth crushed to the earth will rise again.”

BLACK HISTORY is 24/7 Permanently!!
(past & current)

Kins and Queens
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Black people are the Mothers and Fathers of all human beings.

Anthropologist, Scientist and Historians have proved this fact a myriad times itself. It is actually Ethiopia where Black people introduced to life, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Music, Art, Culture, Religion, Astronomy, Astrology and so much more.

Black people are an Ancient people who have been here on what is now called earth, but it was ions ago when Black people named this plant, Asia. (Teachings from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad). Black history is an universal history.

The key to the success of any people is to
“You Can’t Be yourself, if you don’t know yourself,”
Authored by V. Nia 2X,  the General of VLB  PRODUCTIONS

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February 25th, 2007 by BOBU

From Pyramids to Projects
Authored by The General of VLB PRODUCTIONS,   V. Nia  2X

It’s now the 21st century. Black people live, and there is evidence, they have lived on every inch of square land on this planet. Western Historians have gone through unbelievable and unimaginable efforts to erase, alter, omit, confuse, distort, diminish, lie, ignore, falsify, be-little, steal, conceal and simply killed every thought pertaining to progress coming from Black people toward the advancement of civilization.

Western  Historians operate in
three critical areas to maintain suppression of Black History


ARELIGION – One of the Greatest Black men to ever walk the earth was Jesus, the Christ. His mission has different interpretations among world religions. However, when John described his appearance there is no doubt- Jesus was described as a Black man.(Revelation:13-15) King James Version Bibles (20th century). Yet, when the early colonizers presented his picture, they lied and altered his entire description to reflect an image of themselves. Jesus was not blond or blue-eyed or without color.

True Image

False Image

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

Jesus was born in Africa. There was no such country or land known as the Middle East. When your hair is as lambs wool, it means your hair can be corn-rowed ( a hair style commonly worn by Black people for over millions of years.) (Revelation: 13-15).

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

Which parent of Jesus was Black?
His mother?       His father?      Both parents?

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B.  EDUCATON- The Historical education Black people and non-Blacks receive is poison with an overdose of white supremacy. It is not education, but actually a systematic curriculum that boils down to receiving a calculated, despicable and demonic indoctrination.

Despite that fact, there are still admirable students and remarkable teachers that are able to extract knowledge and apply high academic achievements.

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

The Father of Black History is attributed to one of the wisest men in the annuals of time,Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He authored 16 books and his epic literature that continues to empower and educate even today is’ The Mis-education of the Negro.’ Dr. Woodson’s discovery of white supremacy’s indoctrination led to the overthrow of it and to the re-discovery of an abyss of Black Universal History.

C. MEDIA-   The media, specifically television and radio, are the most powerful tools in assisting in the suppression of Black History. The television constantly re-enforce silly, comicals that dominate the images of Black people. Although the comedians are profoundly talented, they don’t receive an abundance of
offers from Hollywood with an all Black, or majority Black cast, except comedy’s. Top executives in radio pay millions to Black artist who glorify drugs, murder and blatant disrespectful and shameful lyrics toward women . Caucasians on television, for the most part are depicted in all areas of life. Their roles are spread out in variety. They figure out everything and are often seen as intelligent, heroic, triumphant and successful.

Can you name 5 serious or non-comical Black television programs, past or present?

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February 21st, 2006 by BOBU


In the spirit of Nuguza Saba (the seven principles) that recognize Kwanzaa. It’s Kujichagulia (Self- Determination)

Authored by the General of VLB PRODUCTIONS, V. Nia 2X

Non- Black western historians are not responsible for telling, teaching or interpreting our story about any of our Hero’s or Shero’s. Black people, without bias, prejudice and inflated exaggerations are held accountable to tell our own remarkable and unparallel legacy.

On October 2, 1800, General Nat Turner was born in South Hampton, Va. At a very early age around three or four, his parents were stunned when the General demonstrated extraordinary and unexplainable abilities. The General’s mother overheard him telling his friend of an incident that occurred prior to him being born. After being questioned further by his parents he was able to say enough, that they began calling him a prophet. He had an unquenchable appetite for knowledge. As a child, once he began to cry and his mother put a book in his hand to hopefully get him to quiet down, but the General commenced pronouncing words from the book. Again, he perplexed others beyond comprehension.

General Turner possessed an intense, zealous love for religion. It became his greatest love. He became a preacher that read and studied the bible with profound measure. General Nat Turner had spiritual encounters with whom, he described as Spirits that visited him. He was taught by them sciences pertaining to (a) the knowledge of the elements; (b) the revolutions of the planets; (c) the operation of the tides; (D) changes of the seasons.

General Turner
General Nat Turner

From being Divinely inspired, General Nat Turner prayed and fasted endlessly. One day while praying General Turner stated
the Spirit spoke to him saying, “seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” He was questioned, “what do you mean by spirit?”  he replied,  “The Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former day- and I was greatly astonished, and for two years prayed continually, whenever my duty would permit- and then again I had the revelation, which confirmed me in the impression that I was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.”  He said as several years went by many events occurred and they strengthen his belief in his Divine call to greatness.

General Turner Preaching
General Nat Turner while preaching

Both his parents shaped his belief he would become a great man. His mother taught him to hate slavery. His grandmother, whom he was very close to imparted upon him an enlighting influence of religion because she was profoundly inspired by the subject herself.

On August 22, 1831, around 2:am, General Turner and 6 other Black men went to the homes of Caucasians that held Black people in chattel slavery. They started at the General’s home first striking the blow for freedom. They went from home to home and killed all of the Caucasians in each household including women and children. Around 60 other Black men and a woman had joined the liberators. They arrived at one Caucasian’s home and sparred their lives because they were poor and did not hold Black people against their will as slaves.

As news spreaded around the county, a militia ensued and began to capture and kill the liberators which eliminated around 40 of them. A shoot out pursued with the remaining liberators and General Turner was able to elude capture until October 30, 1831.

General Nat Turner during slave revolt
General Nat Turner as a Freedom Fighter

All together the ordeal lasted around 40 hours with 55 to 65 Caucasians killed and 60 to 80 Blacks were also killed.

General Nat Turner was not the leader of an insurrection as history books attempt to demean his character, life, purpose and mission. General Nat Turner is one of America’s- and all people
who embrace and love freedom and justice- he was an esteemed Freedom Fighter and Liberator. The church failed to help the General abolish slavery. The courts would not lend a hand to help
the General’s cause.  The government would not offer a road toward a peaceful settlement. The General during those perilous times of enslavement resorted to bravery and fortitude which earned him the rank to a four star General.

It was the illegal, inhumane, immoral institution of slavery that produced the warrior in General Nat Turner. It was that ugly, wretched, barbarous system that was responsible for all of the deaths, both Blacks and Caucasians. It led to the bloodiest war fought in America- the Civil War.

Be sure to read the entire word to word confession from General
Nat Turner. He gave this confession while sitting in jail.

Go to The confessions of Nat Turner.

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The key to the success of any people is to
“You Can’t Be yourself if you don’t know yourself,”
Authored by V. Nia 2X,  the General of VLB  PRODUCTIONS

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February 12th, 2005 by BOBU

Authored by James Clingman, Jr.

God gave Black people 500 billion talents. HE gave Hispanic people 350 billion talents. HE gave Asian people 225 billion talents. HE left us alone for one year and then returned to see what we had done with our talents

God asked the Asian people, “What have you done with your resources?” The Asians replied, “We created many businesses and purchased many franchises. We used our resources to assist our families and our Asian friends, helping them to get into business as well.”

The Asians continued, “Lord, we knew that with 225 billion talents we could generate even more talents by pooling what we had and working together toward a common economic goal. We have doubled the amount you awarded us. We now have 550 billion talents. And to top it all off, our restaurants are going strong; everybody loves our food!”

The Lord said, “Well done, my good and faithful servants. I will make you rulers over many things.”

God then asked the Hispanic people what they had done with their inheritance. They gleefully replied, “Lord, you are really going to be proud of us. Upon receipt of our talents we went to work right away and formed our own bank. We have one in Florida that ranks among the largest in all the land. And you know what else? The interest we are making will more than double the amount of talents you gave us.”

As God nodded approvingly, the Hispanic people couldn’t wait to continue. “We opened fast food shops and sidewalk stands. We sold fruit, enchiladas, and tacos. We supported Hispanic doctors, lawyers, accountants, and all the Hispanic businesses we could find. If a certain business did not exist in our community, we pooled our resources and started new ones. We have done very well, Lord, especially considering the short time we have been in this land.”

And God said, “Well done, my good and faithful servants. I will make you rulers over many things.”

Since God had given the most talents to HIS chosen people—Black people, HE couldn’t wait to hear what they had done with their 500 billion talents. Like a doting father, HE proudly asked them, “What have you done with your inheritance?”

After turning their music down in order to hear what God was saying, the Black people waved their hands in the air (like they just didn’t care) and shouted, “Lord, we just threw the party of the century, and it was all good! Look at those bad rides parked outside. We bought them from the German people and Japanese people. Wouldn’t you agree, Lord that we did good deeds by helping to make them wealthy?” Even God looked perplexed. HE asked if there was anything else that Black people wanted to report. “Oh yeah,” they replied. “You haven’t heard the half of it, Lord. We’re the most charitable people on earth. We spent 95% of all you gave us with businesses other than our own. We helped everyone. We didn’t discriminate and we didn’t playa-hate.”

Then one of the Black leaders spoke up. “You know how we like nice clothes, Lord. So after the party we went out and bought all of the latest styles with all of the right labels. You know what I’m saying?  We just had to have it; we couldn’t wait! Check us out.”

Now the Lord was quite concerned about HIS people and their attitude regarding their talents. Continuing to probe and expecting to hear something that would make HIM proud, God pleaded, “Surely you have done something with your inheritance to generate more talents for yourselves?”

 The Black people looked around at one another, and one of their “leaders” stepped forward to sum things up. “Lord we have the finest cars, we eat and drink only top shelf, and we meet in the most elaborate hotels. Our children have several pairs of the latest gym shoes, we make the baddest videos and we can throw down—I mean dance—with the best of them. Even better than that, we have good jobs to earn back our 500 billion talents next year, and we will again be able to help all the other inhabitants of this land.”

Sadly, God looked at HIS people and said, “With what you have done with your talents, you may as well have buried them in the ground. Because of your slothfulness and lack of good stewardship, I will give your future talents to those who have the least. You have gravely disappointed me by not adhering to one of my important admonishments: To whom much is given, much is expected.”

James E. Clingman is the nations most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people. His weekly syndicated newspaper column, Blackonomics is featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines and newsletters.  He has written 6 books, the latest of which is entitled, ‘Black Empowerment with an Attitude,’ and he has been the featured speaker for numerous organizations, schools, churches and events across the United States.  Visit

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