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Our History …..
 is an advertising and public relations company, founded by Activist, NIA 2X in 1982. It was first named VLB ENTERPRISE and the current name occurred in 1985.

VLB is an acronym which means the following;VLB Logo
– The V– represents Nia’s deceased fathers’ name (Vallan).
– The L has double meaning; the first meaning is (Lula), who is Nia’s deceased Grandmother. The second meaning L is Nia’s deceased mother’s name, which is (Louvenia).
– The B represents the word Black, and when asked, each person is asked to attach something positive with the word Black, such as Black power; Black children; Black days; Black cats. The aim is to get people to think positive about the word Black.

VLB PRODUCTIONS began publishing and advertising their magazine in 1995 with a magazine called, Black Economics Preparing For The 21st Century.

The magazine was a national, quarterly, publication. They wrote a majority of information with current issues about Black people.

Every single publication carried a full column called: Farrakhan: The Leader.

The magazine primarily addressed the united need and effort for Black people in the United States to collectively put their money together so that they could enter into the 21st century economically united.

A system was set up and upon entering into the 21st century a total of $3,125 was raised. In the year 2000 the capital was invested in a radio project and the total amount was lost in an investment that went bad. Despite the loss, a fact was proved, that Black people can reach unlimited heights of success together economically.

VLB PRODUCTIONS is 100% committed then and today, to see Black people, particularly in America re-direct our tremendous spending power back to ourselves. The amount of money Black people have together and spend outside of the Black community annually is over 650 billion dollars!!!!

Collectively Black people in America are the 9th wealthiest people on the planet. It is the lack of properly understanding and exercising UNITY we have not come together with our wealth.

March 31st, 2021 by BOBU