Tune in to hear the extraordinary life story of a woman who believes in the power of prayer and positivity.

Rev. Jerome Lee speaks power into the soul of anyone listening.  Call your families of Returning Citizens because to hear

Sallie Ann and her guest, Don Curtis a Former Sr. Foreign Affairs Officer or Diplomat, speaks about: How did Respect

Former Police Chief, Hank Stawinski resigned from his position June 2020.  Many community organizations and activist continued to press for

Frank Malone and his Co/Host, Sister Lana held nothing back about Black History and the ill, ungodly treatment from the

This program was previously recorded September 21, 2021. In these uncertain times living in   the era of the pandemic, a

Tune in to hear the extraordinary testimony of the President and Founder of Chrisvin Children’s Foundation, Calvina Tucker. She is

This show was previously recorded June 4, 2020.  Jennifer Gelencia has a motivational message for females, a special word for

A New Season  Radio Host Rev. Jerome Lee guest is Pastor Balboa from The Bridge Center at Adam’s House in

Great look at Black fathers speaking on Domestic Violence. Brother Frank Malone with    Pastor Troy Jones of the Church