This Show was previously recorded on March 29, 2022.  Sister, Dr. E. Faye Williams was a personal and very close

Connecting the dots and revealing unusual privileged and concealed information from Dennis and Lynn Speed from the Shriller Institute.  Listen,

This show was previously recorded October 30, 2018. Our guest Sister, Melody Muhammad and Brother Cleon Peoples joined to pay

In honor of Black History Month, the show ‘Brothers Are Going to Work it Out’ had a candid conversation on

This show was previously recorded August 2017) Wholistic Doctor, Bro. Dr. Kokayi Patterson shares his personal experience about DICK GREGORY.   Dr.

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Charles and Loreen Butler are hosting their 6th Annual Know Thy Self Book Fair.  It’s a family affair with authors,

Guest, Cliff Pullium, Kenneth Woodward and Loraine Butler weighed in on the brutal, savage, murder of Tyre Nichols by 7

This program was previously recorded November 3, 2022. Civil Rights Activist, Leader, John C. Barnett is back to update what

This program was previously recorded October 31, 2022. National Civil Rights Activist John C. Barnett has the facts about getting

Liz Johnson founder of Strategic Housing Solutions & Chairwoman of Greater DC National Action Network (Housing) has solutions on an