This show was previously recorded November 22, 2022.  A Black Economic program raising Billions for Black people, from Black people

Dr. Joe Dudley, Sr. was told he was mentally retarded.  His mother told him to prove them wrong and he

This program was previously recorded July 11, 2023. Poet, Danny Queen has produced a unique astrological poetic combination of Love

A MUST HEAR!  Are Black people put on dialysis machines disproportionately compared to other ethnic groups? Well, hear this show

This show was previously recorded January 20, 2016.  Joe Madison (The Black Eagle) was our guest.  He shared little known

This show was previously recorded June 14, 2023.  Pastor Dugger’s message is one to hear.  She asks, how important is

Founder, Author, Brother, John William Templeton of E Access Corporation raised the thinking and understanding of the 14th Amendment of

Women, girls and human family.  Be at the Baltimore War Memorial Saturday February10, 2024 to see the fantastic, exciting, film,

This show was previously recorded September 29, 2023. The amazing Dr. Laura Muhammad provided tremendous information on keeping the mouth

This show was previously recorded December 13, 2022.  Dr. Diane Kern updated after mid-term elections 2022 from their work with