Sister Ihsan Muhammad shares her golden opportunity in becoming a medical doctor.  Fidel Castro, was a friend to oppress people world

CORRECTION: Accurate # 202-718-6515. On fire with truth, strength, power and God-fearing courage is why Sister, Queen Jennifer Gelencia, founder

A candid, deep and truthful conversation about homosexuality and its position in main stream life.

Pastor Joyce Dugger from First Congregational Church of Rockaway Beach, New York shares the word on ‘Keep Your Head Up

This Show was previously recorded on March 29, 2022.  Sister, Dr. E. Faye Williams was a personal and very close

Poet, Danny Queen has produced a unique astrological poetic combination of Love poems. Known for the very first time is

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A MUST HEAR! Pastor, Joyce Dugger asks a question that compels everyone to answer individually.  She challenges and teaches at

This program was previously recorded April 22, 2022. Minister, Michael Moore very special guest is Brother, Anthony Muhammad.  The Brothers

Brother, Julius Tajiddin shares incredible, knowledge and perspectives concerning gentrification in his area Harlem New York as well as insight