Exposing ill methods used to hide the truth about Black History

From Pyramids to Projects
Authored by The General of VLB PRODUCTIONS,   V. Nia  2X

It’s now the 21st century. Black people live, and there is evidence, they have lived on every inch of square land on this planet. Western Historians have gone through unbelievable and unimaginable efforts to erase, alter, omit, confuse, distort, diminish, lie, ignore, falsify, be-little, steal, conceal and simply killed every thought pertaining to progress coming from Black people toward the advancement of civilization.

Western  Historians operate in
three critical areas to maintain suppression of Black History


ARELIGION – One of the Greatest Black men to ever walk the earth was Jesus, the Christ. His mission has different interpretations among world religions. However, when John described his appearance there is no doubt- Jesus was described as a Black man.(Revelation:13-15) King James Version Bibles (20th century). Yet, when the early colonizers presented his picture, they lied and altered his entire description to reflect an image of themselves. Jesus was not blond or blue-eyed or without color.

True Image

False Image

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

Jesus was born in Africa. There was no such country or land known as the Middle East. When your hair is as lambs wool, it means your hair can be corn-rowed ( a hair style commonly worn by Black people for over millions of years.) (Revelation: 13-15).

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

Which parent of Jesus was Black?
His mother?       His father?      Both parents?

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B.  EDUCATON- The Historical education Black people and non-Blacks receive is poison with an overdose of white supremacy. It is not education, but actually a systematic curriculum that boils down to receiving a calculated, despicable and demonic indoctrination.

Despite that fact, there are still admirable students and remarkable teachers that are able to extract knowledge and apply high academic achievements.

Black History is 24/ 7 PERMANENTLY!!

The Father of Black History is attributed to one of the wisest men in the annuals of time,Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He authored 16 books and his epic literature that continues to empower and educate even today is’ The Mis-education of the Negro.’ Dr. Woodson’s discovery of white supremacy’s indoctrination led to the overthrow of it and to the re-discovery of an abyss of Black Universal History.

C. MEDIA-   The media, specifically television and radio, are the most powerful tools in assisting in the suppression of Black History. The television constantly re-enforce silly, comicals that dominate the images of Black people. Although the comedians are profoundly talented, they don’t receive an abundance of
offers from Hollywood with an all Black, or majority Black cast, except comedy’s. Top executives in radio pay millions to Black artist who glorify drugs, murder and blatant disrespectful and shameful lyrics toward women . Caucasians on television, for the most part are depicted in all areas of life. Their roles are spread out in variety. They figure out everything and are often seen as intelligent, heroic, triumphant and successful.

Can you name 5 serious or non-comical Black television programs, past or present?

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