General Nat Turner A Hero from Our Story rather than History


In the spirit of Nuguza Saba (the seven principles) that recognize Kwanzaa. It’s Kujichagulia (Self- Determination)

Authored by the General of VLB PRODUCTIONS, V. Nia 2X

Non- Black western historians are not responsible for telling, teaching or interpreting our story about any of our Hero’s or Shero’s. Black people, without bias, prejudice and inflated exaggerations are held accountable to tell our own remarkable and unparallel legacy.

On October 2, 1800, General Nat Turner was born in South Hampton, Va. At a very early age around three or four, his parents were stunned when the General demonstrated extraordinary and unexplainable abilities. The General’s mother overheard him telling his friend of an incident that occurred prior to him being born. After being questioned further by his parents he was able to say enough, that they began calling him a prophet. He had an unquenchable appetite for knowledge. As a child, once he began to cry and his mother put a book in his hand to hopefully get him to quiet down, but the General commenced pronouncing words from the book. Again, he perplexed others beyond comprehension.

General Turner possessed an intense, zealous love for religion. It became his greatest love. He became a preacher that read and studied the bible with profound measure. General Nat Turner had spiritual encounters with whom, he described as Spirits that visited him. He was taught by them sciences pertaining to (a) the knowledge of the elements; (b) the revolutions of the planets; (c) the operation of the tides; (D) changes of the seasons.

General Turner
General Nat Turner

From being Divinely inspired, General Nat Turner prayed and fasted endlessly. One day while praying General Turner stated
the Spirit spoke to him saying, “seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” He was questioned, “what do you mean by spirit?”  he replied,  “The Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former day- and I was greatly astonished, and for two years prayed continually, whenever my duty would permit- and then again I had the revelation, which confirmed me in the impression that I was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.”  He said as several years went by many events occurred and they strengthen his belief in his Divine call to greatness.

General Turner Preaching
General Nat Turner while preaching

Both his parents shaped his belief he would become a great man. His mother taught him to hate slavery. His grandmother, whom he was very close to imparted upon him an enlighting influence of religion because she was profoundly inspired by the subject herself.

On August 22, 1831, around 2:am, General Turner and 6 other Black men went to the homes of Caucasians that held Black people in chattel slavery. They started at the General’s home first striking the blow for freedom. They went from home to home and killed all of the Caucasians in each household including women and children. Around 60 other Black men and a woman had joined the liberators. They arrived at one Caucasian’s home and sparred their lives because they were poor and did not hold Black people against their will as slaves.

As news spreaded around the county, a militia ensued and began to capture and kill the liberators which eliminated around 40 of them. A shoot out pursued with the remaining liberators and General Turner was able to elude capture until October 30, 1831.

General Nat Turner during slave revolt
General Nat Turner as a Freedom Fighter

All together the ordeal lasted around 40 hours with 55 to 65 Caucasians killed and 60 to 80 Blacks were also killed.

General Nat Turner was not the leader of an insurrection as history books attempt to demean his character, life, purpose and mission. General Nat Turner is one of America’s- and all people
who embrace and love freedom and justice- he was an esteemed Freedom Fighter and Liberator. The church failed to help the General abolish slavery. The courts would not lend a hand to help
the General’s cause.  The government would not offer a road toward a peaceful settlement. The General during those perilous times of enslavement resorted to bravery and fortitude which earned him the rank to a four star General.

It was the illegal, inhumane, immoral institution of slavery that produced the warrior in General Nat Turner. It was that ugly, wretched, barbarous system that was responsible for all of the deaths, both Blacks and Caucasians. It led to the bloodiest war fought in America- the Civil War.

Be sure to read the entire word to word confession from General
Nat Turner. He gave this confession while sitting in jail.

Go to The confessions of Nat Turner.

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