Black History is 24/7 PERMANENTLY!

The Host Franklyn Malone Opens this series with a look at Education, the greatest weapon against failure. Mr Curtis Valentine is the

 Solutions to  Black on Black crime and how it is mitigated by the community where it occurs using prevention, intervention,

The end of a month of a series called, ‘Fatherhood, the Undeniable Gift’.  His guest is Pierpoint Mobley who upholds

Frank Malone guest is Chris Thomas who is full filling the series of ‘Fatherhood, the Undeniable Gift.’

This show with David Smith Sr VP 100 Fathers touches on fathering, courts and visitation centers for fathers and men

This show is a powerful affirmation of the power of Black fathers.  Frank’s two guest are Thabiti Boone The Champion

Loving responsible Black Fathers  who are head of their families demonstrating not only love to their children but expressing while

A MUST HEAR!  Black Fathers on top of their responsibilities of being good, loving, fathers to their children and being

For all who are not aware of loving, caring, responsible, fathers, then your life will change when you hear this

Guest David W. Smith Sr. and Dwayne Meeks speak on the value and joy of Fatherhood.  They are working to